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I am pallavi mishra having 4+ year experience in manager post i rsponsible for designing , implementing and evaluating marketing plans for an organization, including individual business lines and brands within it, so that targeted customer are drawan an axisting customers remains. Communicatewith senior management about marketing initiative and project metrics, as well as to brainstrorm fresh strategies.

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Why is E-Commerce in so much demand?

As E-Commerce is the demand of present time, businesses, customers, and nations, in a few years time will become compulsory to use for any transaction. E-Commerce basically means buy, sell and exchange products, services, and information through computers over the internet. On an E-Commerce platform, a person can deal with customers around the world. People […]

Why Do You Need E-commerce Management Solutions?

Ecommerce management — whether it’s a new startup, a long-standing small business or a large, established brand — is complex. Online retailers must organize and monitor any number of moving pieces. Ecommerce integrations can be indispensable when it comes to process automation and back-office integration for a fully-aligned and efficient business. Let’s look at some […]