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I have rich exposure to project management, from gathering the requirements all the way to deployment and delivering success to the customer. I am responsible for carrying out the smooth running of the projects from planning to execution.

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Typo squatting Killer: Spammers advancement to take advantage!

Introduction To What is Typoswapping/Typosquatting?  Typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting involving the registering of a domain name that is an alternative spelling of another domain name. Typoswapping is a technique used by spammers to fool email recipients into visiting their websites. The spammer will register the domain name for a popular company with one […]

Meta’s WhatsApp integrates with Salesforce- Relief or Chaos?

Background The sky is the limit for the IT industry and as it is reaching its heights day by day, there are various developments had been made every single day so everything should be available with one click of your smartphone. As there has been a big change is about to come which could change […]