New Elezen race is just one of the older events in the Eorzea

For the Latest Dream FFXIV: A world Reborn , really the only battle who may have reported only rule throughout Eorzea is actually the latest Elezen battle. That it race appears just like the Miqo’te battle, but build no error, he or she is a little different: Elezer was an elf such as for instance competition. Additionally, the fresh new Elezen have the strongest feeling of prize, intelligence and pride in the world of Latest Dream XIV.

Wildwood Elezen

The newest Wildwood Elezen reside in the brand new Black Shroud (Gridania) and in Coerthas (Ishgard). He is enough time limb anybody and have now high ears (their looks are elven) allowing them to features a passionate sense of reading. Likewise, Wildwood flaunts a natural affinity which have wonders.

Duskwight Elezen

The brand new Duskwight are making their residence from the forest caverns to own years, mostly in the Black Shroud. They look exactly like their cousins. The actual only real variation is the colour of its facial skin, that its circumstances try dark through its kind of lifetime.

Hrothgar competition

Hrothgar ‘s the most other battle that produced its introduction inside Finally Fantasy: Shadowbringers , identical to Hrothgar is an additional feline-such battle, identical to Miqo’te. With regards to the fandom game people , the appearance of Hrothgar reminds you off Kimarhri, the newest epic reputation out-of Latest Fantasy x, therefore concur.


The fresh Helions , as opposed to The latest Missing clan, have brown fur total their bodies. During the ancient years, The latest Helions will be centered about southern area region of Ilsabard however now are now living in the Eorzea. The sole reason for lives to have Helions is their king, for who they are qualified to lie down their life.

The Lost

Brand new Lost will have started 100 % free soul anyone, having a good nomadic lives unbound because of the desires of monarch. Your skin of one’s Missing are white and you will grey, and are capable of finishing high vacations only by walking and you can handling a number of efforts, away from peddler to sellersword.

Lalafell race

Lalaffel is, possibly, the cutest battle within the Last Dream fourteen. Of all of the FFXIV races out of Last Dream XIV community, Lalafell ‘s the littlest, nearly the same as good dwarf, but stylish and a kid-for example battle. He is indigenous to the islands of your south seas, but Lalafell found their path courtesy strong trade pathways. Lalafell is actually welcoming of individuals from abroad and you can, perhaps, one particular industrial competition in the world of Final Dream fourteen.

Lalafell lifestyle, primarily, inside the Ul’dah, the favorable town of commerce found in the desert out of Thanalan, south off Aldenard. Papalymo, Tataru are a couple of Lalafells of your Scions of Seventh Beginning. Papashan additionally the Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo of Ul’dah are a couple of of the very most recognized Lalafell.


Plainsfolk are typical buyers for the Limsa Lominsa, for this reason it settled because town many years ago. In addition, Plainsfolk are mostly farmers, however, usually very near to Limsa Lominsa looking for safety. He or she is small in addition they run out of strength nonetheless they has a good great sharpness out-of brain and you may swiftness.


Dunesfolk will be the founders of one’s great town of Ul’dah, earlier labeled as Belah’dia and you will Sil’dih. The fresh new Dunesfolk has an effective attitude, which is best for the company of this high area.

Hyur battle

Hyur means the largest society inside Eorzea. The latest Hyur are said getting started the original battle to help you have come compared to that continent from close countries and you can continents. Hyur are mediocre in all sensory faculties compared with most other racing, individually and you will mentally, with regards to build and you may top. Hyur try a particularly brief race and you can trip long distances into legs. Hyur competition is actually divided in to one or two clans: the new midlanders while the highlanders.