Yusei Fudo is shown to be a friend to each other Leo and you may Luna

Leo indicates solid protectiveness and you will envy when someone flirts having his cousin, otherwise whenever she suggests close interest in some one (particularly in the japanese version). [9] Following the fight with Z-you to, Leo blushes abreast of watching Luna during the the latest clothing, posting comments on it if you find yourself flipping aside and you may cheerful (being substantially flustered). [16]

Yusei Fudo

Leo seems up to your as finest Duelist he’s actually known. Yusei has given Leo of many tips in terms of duelling and it has driven Leo becoming in addition to this. This can be seen once Leo faces up against Devack, to which into the Duel Yusei notices that Leo is duelling alot more cautiously, understanding that he has got altered and you may grown up because their basic Duel. [17] For that reason, after the Duel finishes, Yusei congratulates and you may informs Leo he did well. [18]

Jack Atlas

Inside episode thirteen, Leo are shown to esteem Jack Atlas from the time the fresh new second reigned as the Queen. They have figurines regarding Jack and his awesome “Reddish Dragon Archfiend”, however now thinks of Yusei due to the fact most useful Duelist pursuing the Luck Cup, much to Jack’s irritation. No matter if he really does genuinely believe that, Leo is actually inspired from the Jack in order to become a good Duelist. During the Duel against Aporia, Jack observes new stuff regarding Leo and you will mentioned that Leo manage protect anybody no matter what even if it means giving up his lifestyle. [8] Although not seen extreme, Jack indicates matter for Leo, as the an adult friend, and you will says to Leo to never stop trying attacking (and therefore occurs when Aporia attempts to rating Leo to quit, if in case Leo dies regarding Aporia’s attack if you will). [7]

Akiza Izinski

Leo looks around Akiza Izinski given that an excellent Duelist, in the event she went significantly less than her alias, the newest “Black Flower”. Although he had been slightly afraid of their, the guy still admired their overall performance. He desires to be ranked on top of their category like she’s. The guy as well as used this lady to stand upwards for their correct in order to Duel when you look at the Duel Academy. [19] The guy usually makes reference to the lady while the “Large Sibling Aki”, features higher esteem and you may fascination with their particularly a cousin. (Japanese type merely). [20] [21]

Bob and you may Dexter

Bob and Dexter are Leo’s family, when he is visible to hold aside with them during the Duel Academy (and has now identified Dexter in advance of the guy found Yusei). [19] [9] [22]


Such as the other people in Cluster 5D’s, the guy watched Aporia just like the a challenger. Before Aporia appeared the very first time Leo currently got black dating sites a particular grudge toward their embodiment Lester. Within the Duel regarding the Divine Forehead, Aporia constantly triggered Leo feeling anxiety because of the assaulting Jack and you can Luna, but instead, Leo replied by assaulting courageously and you may passed away for a moment, then again was restored as an excellent Signer, along with Jack and you may Luna, he suggests Aporia guarantee. [7] [8] While in the Aporia’s Duel facing Z-you to, Leo displayed regard with the Aporia and you may is constantly alarmed when he had damage. When Aporia died, Leo is actually shown to be sadder than others, then he angrily scolded Z-you to to have killing your. Ahead of Aporia Dueled Z-that he informed Leo that he noticed the brand new guarantee which he owned inside him, and that promise are the exact same you to Aporia ended up being seeking. [10] [23]

Leo are a predetermined Flames sign ruled by Sun. While the fifth sign in the fresh new zodiac, the fresh Leo individual is actually ambitious, confident, independent, faithful and you can generous. Talking about magnetized and influential those who are particularly in their feature when they’ve a keen appreciative audience. Popular Leos include Mick Jagger (July 26), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (July 28) Martha Stewart (August step three), and Costs Clinton (August 19). Leo is assumed regarding once the a good “royal” sign making use of their icon, brand new lion or queen of forest, which can be wise and you can delicate, even if this really function of its personality can get subject these to feel slightly vain and overbearing.