Craft CMS Development Service

Ambient Infotech is using Craft CMS for web development since it was the first launch and achieved an unmatched level of expertise.

We have created many highly optimized and high-performing websites and e-commerce portals with this powerful and flexible craft management system across the industries. We offer custom CMS development with Craft CMS helping you grow the profitability and ROI of your business.

Key Features of Craft CMS Development Which Makes it Better Choice…

Admin Dashboard

Craft CMS also provides the back end admin dashboard for editors and authors like other CMS such as WordPress. Craft has a very simple and responsive dashboard which you can manage from any device such as mobiles and tablets.

Live Preview

Craft CMS allows to manage the page’s appearance while editing without re-publishing

Rich Content Model

This feature of Craft CMS makes it different than others. Sections and entries in the Craft are its spines. Each entry has an author, a date, an optional expiration, and body content.

Multiple Users

Craft CMS allows to have multiple administrators and authors to control the content of the site.

Localization & Search

Craft CMS provides a built-in search feature. Currently, Craft CMS supports 15 local languages and also provide the guide to set up a localized site.

Why we ❤️ Craft CMS

Craft’s out-of-the-box custom field types, content structures, easy-to-use control panel for content editors and elegant templating for developers make it one of the most powerful and flexible content management systems on the market.

Our clients love it

Our clients tell us how simple and easy that Craft is just about every time we launch a new website. Before Craft, we were complimented on the websites we built, now we’re complimented on the websites we build and the CMS that we build them on. Clients handing out CMS specific praises was virtually unheard of before Craft. Now it’s a regular occurrence. If you want the ability to do more with your websites and are tired of security hacks and other CMS shortfalls; Craft has a wide range of features for your next website development project.

A thriving development community

With over 150 official Craft Partners and thousands of developers around the globe, Craft CMS currently powers over 70,000 websites and is far from proprietary.

Content flexibility

Rather than having one generic ​“entry” content type like most CMS platforms, Craft CMS breaks entries into three different categories, or ​“Sections” as they call them: “Singles”, ​“Channels” and ​“Structures”.

Why You Should Go For Craft CMS Development?

Craft is a user-friendly and flexible content management system for developing custom digital experience on the website and beyond. Craft CMS is very scalable content management system and it gives a free hand of development to the Craft CMS developers. It is a self-hosted PHP 7 CMS Application and built on Yii framework. Craft CMS can connect to PostgreSQL and MySQL for storage.

We offer the following services using Craft CMS Development

  • Craft CMS Development, Design and Customization of websites as per our client’s business requirements.
  • Craft CMS Multi-site Website Development
  • Craft CMS multilingual website design and development
  • Craft CMS Website Rebuild and Maintenance
  • Plugin Development for Craft 2 and Craft 3
  • Updating Craft 2 Plugins to Craft 3
  • PSD to Craft CMS
  • WordPress to Craft CMS migration
  • Migrating ExpressionEngine CMS Based Website to Craft CMS
  • Migrating Any Website to Craft CMS
  • Craft CMS Upgrade
  • SEO and Optimization of existing Craft CMS website

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