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Angular is an open source Typescript framework to build frontend web applications.

Angular Js Features

Different filters

By using filters we can select the subset of items from the array and we can return a new array.


It provides auto-synchronization facilities of the data between view components and models.


By using the controller we can bound the JavaScript function with scope.


The AngularJS has many inbuilt services including $http to make XMLHttp Request. it is a single tone object and initiated one time in-app.

Dependency Injection

The AngularJS provide new inbuilt facilities is a dependency injection system by using it developer can understand and test application easily.


By using this facility user can switch the views. it helps our app to become a single page app for using this we have to include AngularJS routing in our module.


Directives are broad tip pen on the document object model elements such as CSS, attribute, elements and more which will use for create custom HTML tag which serves new custom widgets.

Deep linking

This allows us to encode the application state in URL and our app can be restored from the URL to the same state.


In AngularJS we write all templets in HTML Which contain Angular specific elements and attributes. It renders the view with information on the model and controller.

Advantages of AngularJS

AngularJS is a framework, which comes with many advantages in the field of web application development. Let us have a look at some of these advantages:

  • Ease of Testing
  • Dependency injection
  • two-way Data Binding
  • Flexibility to Filter Data
  • Ease and Speed Of Development

Satisfaction AngularJS Development Services

We will also keep you updated throughout the angular 2.0 development process so that you know exactly what is going on in your project.

Data Analysis Tools & Interactive Dashboards

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Development of Location and Music & Video Streaming Apps

We aim to develop feature-rich eCommerce websites and web apps for your business using the CI framework. We build robust and engaging e-stores per your requirements.

Plugin Development & Theme development

We have a dedicated team of CodeIgniter developers that develop attractive and appealing custom web development solutions, based on the specific need of your business.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart Development

We understand the need for feature-rich websites and web apps for your business. Our CI experts strive to add unique features to your websites and web apps.

Social Networking Platforms

Our maintenance and support team extend round-the-clock services and help resolve all your post-development issues. They make sure that your web app runs smoothly.

Content Management Tools

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4 Easy Steps to Hire AngularJS Programmers

Project Analysis

We discuss project requirements and screen candidates fit for the job.

Interviews and Shortlisting

We interview screened candidates and prepare a shortlist for you to choose from.

Work Team Forming

Once you select the best fits for your team, we sign contracts with them and onboard them to your project.

Ongoing Support

We employ your dedicated AngularJS developers, provide all the needed support and handle all administrative tasks.

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