POS (Point-Of-Sale) Development

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Our POS Solutions

Chetu’s payment industry experts provide custom development, implementation, customization and integration services for a secure and reliable POS plus mobile payments solutions using Ingenico systems.

Impactful Shopping Experience

Our developers leverage Ingenico TETRA smart terminal advance payment technologies to ensure businesses across all industries provide impactful customer experiences.

Accept Payments On-The-Go

Ingenico Mobile Solutions ensure that your business accommodates to the increasingly mobile consumers by allowing you to accept electronic payments on the move.

ePayment Solutions

We use Ingenico’s ePlayment solution to connect your business at a global level using secure and reliable technologies to ensure you go beyond currency conversions and more.

Industry Stakeholders And Their Current Business Challenges:

  • Retailers
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Cafes
  • Legacy and outdated solutions
  • Huge Upfront cost
  • Challenges with Integration of POS and CRM
  • Dependency on Vendor offering

To Handle Such Challenges, Mobiloitte Focuses On Four Key Areas:

  • MOBILITY SOLUTIONS: Device-based POS to enhance the customer experience
  • CLOUD-BASED POS: Taking leverage of cloud services to remove hassles
  • INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS: Enhance cash management through integrated solutions
  • REDUCED DEPENDENCY: Automated process to reduce human intervention

POS Benefits

We understand your development needs and thus bring you the service which nurtures your enterprise uniqueness and its technology needs. At DevTechnosys we have engineered services that are highly acknowledged and relevant to modern technical requirements that make you standout in your business regime.

POS Development

Highly intuitive feature-rich POS development that brings agility to payment system, well integrated with 3rd party devices offering high end customer experience and functionality. Our POS development enacts security and customer engagement with built in analytic dashboard.

Payment Processing Services

Our expert POS Developers build Custom POS Software terminals that see into processing of cash, EBT, Cheques, mobile payments and much more. We also make sure that seamlessness is rendered into the payments processed by other methods such as Credit, debit, fleet, loyalty, Gifts and reward cards along with Authorize.Net, PayPal, SecurePay, First Data, Worldpay, and Amazon Payments.

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management system that deliver inventory count and stock transfer solutions with advance features such as stock adjustments, stock status updates etc, well integrated with latest control devices such as RFID, barcodes and QR scanners.

Analytics & Reporting

Data mining, predictive analytics, decision support, KPI tracking, with real-time reporting dashboards that is highly customised to help you comprehend data quicker, better. Our SOA development is world-class that renders high business benefits.

3rd Party Integration

Integration of 3rd party API for smoother payment process, our prominent payment gateway integration include PayPal, SecurePay, Amazon Payments supporting authorization , sales, refunds and much more.


Development of modules that closely keep an eye on your accounts by keeping track on your revenue and expenses. Our accounting system manages your credit and debit accounts and integrates successfully with accounting programs such as QuickBooks, Sage, SAP, Oracle etc.

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