Logo Design

Design is volatile. Constantly evolving, Logo incorporates new trends and styles. This is equally true for apparel, graphic design, and other industries.

let’s talk about new trend for logo design famous in 2017 .


It is about removing unnecessary details and leaving only the essentials. From several year Now It is popularity in 2017. With simple forms, minimal colors and effects, and a smart focus. minimalism allows to create a unique logo and use it across various backgrounds and platforms.

Letter stacking

Designers use letter stacking to place a large message on a logo in a concise manner. The text can be stacked horizontally or vertically and paired with various graphic elements. Such logos draw customers’ attention and lead them to focus on the text .

Text logos

In 2016, designer used various fonts paired with minimalist effects, including text stylization, increased/decreased kerning, and a combination of styles even handwritten ones .


It is the best choice for certain categories of companies. Hotels, cafes, and restaurants choose lettering to communicate sophistication and professionalism. It’s safe to say that this sure-fire typographic approach will maintain its popularity in 2017.

Flat design

Just like minimalist style, flat design features clean, fine aesthetics without unnecessary refinements. Flat design communicates clarity and comfort.


Simplicity is what defines gradients today. Gradients were once all about bright colors and bold combinations that added depth and volume. Today, designer achieve this goal by using muted hues and material design colors.

Line art

It is one uses a solid, usually dark-colored line to draw images. It’s a great way to bring together text and an image.


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