Which solution is right for your business website ? It depends.

Key benefits of Magento include:

Specifically made for eCommerce
Great discount system
Payment gateway integration is easy
Flexible and customizable
Very powerful admin panel
Highly scalable
Once optimized (vanish, db optimizations, redis caching, opcode caching), Magento can be quite fast
Multi-tenant support
Large user base, actively developed, secure

Known issues include:

History of open-source has left it with an enormous, overgrown codebase that does everything, and leaves every door open to customization . It is also a plus point of it.
Development is expensive. Partly because it’s hard, and partly because it’s a popular system .

Expensive server requirements

So We Let’s consider the major factors in the decision making process:

Your Business Plan
Product Catalog
Interfacing with Other Systems


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